Sun Tracking Solar Panels: Things That Will Save Your Coin!

Written by Ryan Ram Malli

If you clicked on this article, most likely you’re already an active participant of the green dream. Or maybe, you’re interested in the idea of using solar energy to power up your home or business. After all, solar energy has many benefits. For homeowners, it means letting go of the fear of astronomical electricity bills. For business owners, solar energy boosts their ESG and improves overall facility operations.

Solar energy optimisation is necessary to generate electricity. In the world of solar, the more sun we get, the better. That’s why if you want to get more energy, sun-tracking solar panels may sound like a great idea.

But the question of the day is: are they even worth your extra coin?

Let’s find out.

What Are Sun Tracking Solar Panels

Before you splurge with that big coin of yours, allow us to give you a background about sun-tracking solar panels. You have to know some specifications to receive the most benefit from solar energy.

Sun tracking solar panels or solar trackers are devices that are coupled with solar panels, transforming stationary panels into a light-seeking system. With solar trackers, your solar panels will follow the sun’s direction. This improves solar energy optimization since the solar system now receives more energy from the sun. Enhanced energy production always sounds like a good idea.

Types of Solar Trackers

Depending on your budget or the complexity of your installation, there are three main types of sun tracking systems.

Manual solar tracker

This type of sun tracking system needs manpower to work. Somebody needs to physically adjust the panels so they can follow the sun. This isn’t always optimal since it requires that someone should always monitor the sun’s movement.

Passive Solar Tracker

Unlike manual solar trackers, passive solar trackers don’t need someone present at all times to work. They contain a liquid that has a low boiling point. When exposed to solar radiation, it evaporates and the tilt system experiences an imbalance that allows the panels to face the direction of the sun’s rays.

Active Solar Tracker

Active solar trackers have motors or hydraulic cylinders that give them the ability to reposition according to the sun’s movement.

Should You Use Sun Tracking Solar Panels?

Now, it’s time for the answer you’ve all been waiting for, and the answer is…

It depends.

While solar trackers do provide exclusive benefits and will produce more energy for your home or facility, their prices are also not something to scoff at. In addition to your purchase of a solar system and its installation, each solar tracker has to be installed per solar panel. So you’ll be paying twice as much.

Factors that affect the costs are location, system size, the nature of the trackers, and the complexity of the installation.

Having said those things, generally, sun tracking solar panels are used if you lack space for additional solar panels. If you’re looking for a large-scale utility or looking to power a commercial building, we highly recommend you install solar trackers. As a business owner, you will receive more benefits from sun-tracking solar panels since your facility will most likely need more solar energy than a suburban household.

If you’re still torn, feel free to speak with us at Mclean Energy Solutions. We are a team of solar experts dedicated to bringing you the best value out of solar energy by always going that extra mile. We can offer you consultation, and we will design your system, go over all the necessary permits, and schedule the installation and even maintenance.

When it comes to a sustainable future, you can never go wrong with Mclean Energy Solutions. We let you dream big so we can make it happen.

Sun Tracking Solar Panels: Things That Will Save Your Coin!

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